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Özsay Deniz Elektroniği A.Ş. (“ÖZSAY, we” or “Company”) may use cookies or technologies such as pixel, tag, flash cookies and web markers that enable saving and collecting certain data to/from the computer, mobile phone, pad and similar devices used to access our web site at address (“Web Site”), mobile applications, electronic platforms and other applications as well as to the e-mails and advertisements sent by us. The term “cookie” is used in this Cookie Policy (“Policy”) refers to the cookies and similar technologies that may be used by ÖZSAY.

Personal data of users can be collected via cookies although all data collected through cookies may not necessarily be personal data.

In case the data obtained via cookies are personal data in the frame of Turkish law, Policy constitutes an annex of Web Site Information Statement. We recommend you to read Web Site Information Statement to find out how your personal data can be processed and how you can exercise your rights in that respect.


Cookies are small information fragments saved inside browsers on the computer’s hard disk. They are used to offer a tailored experience to the visitors during their use of the browsed web site, to improve the services being offered as well as the experience. They may offer ease of use while browsing through a web site.


Cookies can be classified by their duration or the domain they belong.

  1. Cookies, if classified by duration, are divided into two as “session cookies” and “persistent cookies”:


  1. Session cookies: Session cookies are used in every session in which the Web Site or Company’s other applications or media are visited, and are automatically deleted upon exiting from the Site or application. Purpose of these cookies is to ensure continuity and security of the visit.
  2. Persistent Cookies: Persistent cookies are saved on user’s computer or other device used for access for a predetermined fixed period, and they are not automatically deleted upon closing of session or application. Persistent cookies are used for us to remember who you are in multiple sessions. Purpose of these cookies is to provide visitors with a faster and better service and increase site’s functionality.


  1. Cookies, if classified by their domain, are divided into two as “affiliated party cookies” and “third party cookies”:


  1. Affiliated party cookie: Affiliated party cookies mean the cookies placed inside the web site by visited domain, and can exclusively read by this site.
  2. Third party cookie: Third party cookies mean the cookies placed by a domain different than the one being visited. If parties outside the visited domain place cookies into user’s device over the domain being visited, it is called a third party cookie.




We the ÖZSAY may use cookies for the following purposes in our web sites, platforms, applications, advertisements and messages:


  1. Operational purposes: We may use cookies required for control and security of our web sites, platforms, applications or services. Examples fofor the cookies used for operational purposes are the technologies enabling using functionalities of web sites, applications and platforms as well as cookies used to identify irregular behavior on those media.
  2. Functionality purposes: We may use cookies to ease use of our web sites, platforms, applications or services or to customize them for our users. Example of the cookies used for functionality purposes is the technologies enable us to remember user information and preferences.
  3. Performance purposes: We may use cookies for the purpose of measuring and increasing performance of our web sites, platforms, applications or services. Examples of the cookies used for this purpose are; cookies enabling us to understand how users use our web sites, applications, platforms and services, cookies that help us analyze user behavior and the technologies enabling us to understand any interactions occurring through the messages we sent.
  4. Advertisement purposes: We may use affiliated party cookies or third party cookies to deliver advertisements and similar content based on user interests over the web sites, platforms and applications belonging to Company or third parties. Examples of cookies for advertisement purposes are the cookies measuring efficiency of advertisements and cookies indicating whether a certain advertisement get hits or how many times they are viewed.




Most browsers are set up to automatically accept cookies as default. However, users may change their browser settings any time to reject or erase cookies. Method for changing the settings depends on the browser being used, and you can find out how to disable cookies on your browser from the relevant service provider for the specific browser. In general, you may reject cookies using following methods:


  1. Changing your browser settings to notify you when cookies are received,
  2. Disable existing cookies,
  3. Setting your browser to automatically reject cookies.


We would like to inform you that disabling cookies may prevent your use of certain features of our web sites, applications, platforms or services.


You can change your browser settings by clicking on the respective link provided in the following table.


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We as ÖZSAY may receive assistance from some service providers authorized by us for running and promotion of our Web Site, platforms, applications and services. Such service providers authorized by our company may also place cookies and similar technologies (third party cookies) into users’ computers and other devices, and may collect information such as IP address, unique identifier and device identifier that are used to identify user devices.




Operational, functional and performance cookies used by ÖZSAY:


  • They do no harm to your computer, they do not contain viruses.
  • They are required to use Web site interface and features properly.
  • They help us understand how the Web Site is being used by visitors as well as to gather statistical data, and develop content accordingly.
  • They help speeding up your activities in your subsequent visits.
  • In no way they collect, save or help us process the identification data or personal data.


Targeting and advertisement cookies are used to personalize advertisements and to analyze web site traffic subject to necessary legal warranties and as part of our legitimate interests without any harm to your fundamental rights and freedom. The following table provides information on the cookies used by ÖZSAY and intended use of cookies.




Google Analytics

Cookies used to identify Web Site visitor counts and their distribution by regions, the links directed users to the web site, the time they spent on Web Site and the tabs they are interested.





Our web sites, platforms or applications may contain various links to third party web sites, products and services. Such links are subject to third party cookie and security policies, and users should be aware that any third party and third party web sites are independent from ÖZSAY, and ÖZSAY bears no responsibility in respect to third party cookie and privacy practices. If you are visiting any linked web sites, we recommend you to read cookie and privacy policies of those web sites.